10 Date Advice for Sugar Babies in Canada

If you have decided to be a sugar baby in Canada, joined a website and now you wish to participate actively in everything, it is time you educate yourself about how to get along better and become a successful sugar baby as well. The first sugar date has monumental significance because it is the beginning. The way you deal with it will decide whether it is going to be successful or not. It is the first date that makes or breaks a potential sugar relationship.
1. Focus on the fun part
No matter what the reason is behind you opting for the sugar relationship, you should focus on fun. Since it is your first date, your sugar daddy will also try to size you up just as you would like to do. So, enjoy your time and be yourself when you are there. It is the best impression you will make.
2. Do your homework before going
Once your date is fixed, check out the profile of the sugar daddy, whom you have decided to meet, thoroughly. Find out about his interests, hobbies and know more about him. With a general idea you will be able to be an attentive and interested listener. You will be able to let the conversation flowing.
3. Dress properly
First impression is very important. It is better to choose your outfit as per the interest of your sugar daddy. If you had been chatting and exchanging emails for a long time, you might be having an idea about your sugar daddy’s interests. Use that information to impress.
4. Stay safe
First sugar date should be preferably in a public place. If possible, choose the place where you would be comfortable. If your sugar daddy asks, it is good, but if he doesn’t, you can express it in a different style. Also, if he offers to pick you, decline politely and prefer to take a cab. You can ask for the cab fare, if you like.
5. Be yourself and comfortable
There must be lot of things going on in your mind before and during the date time. You might be nervous too, but calm down and make yourself comfortable. Sugar daddies are normally not nervous, but self-conscious on their date. It is your job to make him feel comfortable. So, before meeting your sugar daddy take time to relax.
6. Greet your sugar daddy like an old friend
One of the most difficult thing that you would be facing on your first sugar date is, how to greet your sugar daddy. The best way to do this is greet him like you already know each other and launch straight into normal conversation.
7. Size him up
Although this is your first date, you can find a lot about your partner. Do not try to analyse his wallet, his cufflinks or shoes, but size up his mannerism, eloquence and overall conduct. Observe his behaviour throughout the time without being too cautious or investigative. The way he talks, treats you, talks about his people and little details will tell you what kind of person he is. This will help you decide whether it would be good to carry on the relationship or not.
8. Keep monetary conversation out
There is no doubt that you have opted for sugar relationship for money, but first date is not the time when you should think or discuss monetary matters. Let your sugar daddy show his generosity. If things get along better, you will have lot of time to talk about allowances.
9. Stay positive and enjoy the time
The best way you can guarantee a great first sugar date is to enjoy the time you have allotted for it. Show interest in the date, appreciate the food, listen to what your sugar daddy says and reply politely what he asks. Have fun in things happening around you. Stay in the moment and share everything that is positive.
10. Avoid staying for long
Your sugar daddy might suggest more fun and invite you for many more things. He might even offer a shopping trip. Do not get tempted. Decline politely and leave him wanting for more.
Remember, a good sugar baby will never give her time away unless the relationship is finalized.

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